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Christmas Gift and Decoration Idea: Heart Slate Hanger by Alison Sturgess Art 💗


One More Craft is going to play the Santa’s role today and show you a perfect gift idea!

Christmas time is coming, and we all start thinking how to surprise our friends, family and colleagues. One More Craft is going to play the Santa’s role today and show you a perfect gift idea! 🎅🏻 As we all know, the best gift is a gift which is made with love, or what’s even better – it is a handmade gift. We want to show you awesome hand painted Heart Slate Hangers, which are made to spread some love this Christmas. These acrylic hand-painted heart-shaped hangers feature winter motives and cute pets – red foxes, hedgehogs, dachshunds and more.💗 We are sure you will definitely surprise your friends and family with such a good present, and these hangers will become a good decoration for their house!

All of these wonderful hangers are created by Alison Sturgess Art. Take a look at her works below and see how she was inspired to create them!

Who doesn’t love seeing a fox during the autumn/winter months? That white chest and big fluffy tail makes for a fantastic site. Individually hand painted onto slate using acrylic paints. Packaged in a gift box and delivered anywhere in the world. See in official store.

Christmas gift - snowflake Fox

 I was so excited when I saw my first hedgehog in my garden this year. It was scurrying around the garden looking for food and when saw us quickly rolled up into a ball to hide. Such lovely creatures loved by so many, my hedgehogs are painted onto slate with acrylic paints and come packaged in a gift box. A great gift. See in official store.

Christmas gift - hedgehog Slate

 I own 3 sausage dogs myself and just love painting anything dachshund related. These slate hearts are approximately 10cm in diameter and are individually painted using acrylic paints. The slates are individually packaged in a gift box all ready to be given to the dog crazy person in your life! They can even be customised with your own dog being painted on the slate! See in official store.

Christmas gift - dachshund Slate

Find all Heart Slate Hangers and ideas for a perfect Christmas gift at Alison Sturgess Art and have holly jolly Christmas!

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