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DIY Christmas Wreath


The Christmas holiday mood should welcome you at the front door of your house! And the best way to make an accent for your door decoration is a Christmas wreath. But don’t spend a lot of money on fancy wreath this year – there is enough time ’till Christmas to start making your own festive wreath instead! You can create an amazing wreath, believe me. And I am so glad to share this Christmas wreath tutorial with you today. You will be surprised how quick and easy this tutorial is. Let’s start!

Before you star creating your own Christmas wreath, take a look at materials you will need for your wreath. It’s up to you to choose colors or replace some materials.


– Styrofoam wreath.
– Beige jute thread.
– Red jute twine.
– Burlap ribbon with Christmas motives.

– Christmas decor (small balls, pine-cones, bells, decorative snow flakes, etc.).
– Scissors.
DIY Christmas wreath

1. We start with a beige jute thread wrapped around the white styrofoam wreath. Try to put one row after one tightly but carefully. Make sure that the white styrofoam ring is not visible under the threads. Simply hide the end of jute thread between rows, when you finished wrapping.

DIY Christmas wreath

2. As the next step we are going to make the composition of burlap ribbon and Christmas decors. Diameter of my wreath is 20 cm, so I took a 1 meter (40”) of wide green ribbon and made a bow. 🎀 You can make a bow, or simply tie the ribbon as you like better. Attach some Christmas decor to your bow (you can also fixate it with a glue), and simply bind it all to the wreath by a thread.

3. Take a red jute twine and wrap it around your wreath on the opposite side of the bow. You need to make a 7-10 cm. (2” – 4″) long row. It’s now big enough for attaching some more decors to it. I took a Christmas ball, pine-cone, and decorative bell and tied them to the wreath. 

DIY Christmas wreath

The cherry on the ice-cream is an angel figurine in the middle of my wreath. I had one spare angel figurine, but you can attach whatever you like – a snowflake, a small decorative bell, or anything else. Done! Now go and hang your handmade Christmas wreath on the front door and enjoy the holiday!

DIY Christmas wreath

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