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DIY Shoes Decoration


This simple 3-step-tutorial will help you to update your wardrobe for almost no cost at all!

Autumn is coming – it’s time to get warm and comfortable shoes out of the closet, if you have no plans to buy new ones of course. What about if I show you how to turn your old pair of shoes to the new and exclusive ones. How awesome is that? Here is the simple 3-step-tutorial which will help you to update your wardrobe for almost no cost at all! All girls love different kinds of accessories and pearls as they set the fairytale and romantic mood.💗 Luckily, beads are trendy nowadays, and we can add more accessories to our look with ease. Let’s start to decorate old shoes!

shoes decoration DIY

The idea was to decorate the shoes with black plastic beads, two strings of beads on each shoe.  It looks like a bracelet on an ankle, and it definitely adds more style to your look. 😍

– Pair of shoes for decoration. Take your old shoes, or take your new shoes – it’s really up to you!
– Some pearls or beads with no sharp edges around the holes. Choose the color, form and weight of beads based on your wants and needs.
Strong elastic string or cord (.5 – .7 mm). Thinner elastic strings can be stretched or broken quite easily. Try to avoid that!
– A pin.
– Scissors.

shoes decoration DIY

Start to string the beads, but don’t cut the elastic string. Thus you will have to make just one single knot in the end. The length of the first row depends on the boot’s width, so it’s really up to you how long it is. But remember not to stretch the string, let the beads hang free.

shoes decoration DIY

When the first row is finished, simply push two ends of the string through the top eyelets of the boot. Add 4 or 5 more beads from the boot’s inside and wrap the string to the outside. Temporally pin one end of the string to the boot. Then, make a second row with beads. Make sure that this row is little bit longer than the first one. Now just put two ends of the string together. As the final step make a little knot and hide it between beads.

You have decorated your boot! Just don’t forget to repeat all the steps with another boot…

shoes decoration DIY

Finally, the decoration is completed and your new shoes are ready! Wardrobe has been upgraded, boots look great and it’s time to give them a little test run outside. Enjoy your new style and don’t be shy, go brag about it! 💗

shoes decoration DIY

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