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DIY Wedding Invitations


Enjoy this simple Wedding Invitations tutorial and have fun making your own ones!

Wedding invitations is an excellent way to let your guests know what’s the time and place of your marriage celebration. Invitations tell guests the tone of an event, as well.  A great way to get a perfect and unique invitation, is to make it yourself. That’s why it is necessary to prepare wedding invitations in advance. So, let’s make one right now! Style of wedding invitations depends on all your wedding details, but if you are searching for ideas, take a look at these awesome handmade invitations. Enjoy this simple Wedding Invitations tutorial below and have fun making your own ones! 💌

This is quite simple and easy way to create elegant paper wedding invitations, and it’s perfect for people who lack spare time. Let’s choose materials!

DIY wedding invitations handmade



– Thick paper (design and color is up to you).
– White or light colored thick printable paper.
– Thin decorative paper.
– Satin ribbon.
– Decorative brads.

– Sticky beads.
– Cutting machine and stamp.
– Glue.
– Stationery knife, scissors and ruler.

1. We start by making a base for our invitation card. I had an A4 thick gold paper for that, so the most easy way to make it is to cut an A4 paper in two halves. Now we have two equal bases for our cards. If the paper you have is in large sheets, cut it in more pieces that will fit your card size.

2. Further, we are going to create an invitation card’s front side. Here you need to take a light colored paper and cut out a form that must be 5 mm. (0,2″) shorter than your base from each side. Simply glue this paper as the second layer in the middle of your base. 

3. I definitely recommend to use a cutting machine for making the third layer of your invitation card. But there is no difference which cutting stamp you take. Choose a pattern you like better and apply it (cut) to the paper! Glue it on your card as the third layer. 

4. Next, we are going to add some “beauty” by attaching the bow-knot to your card! Take a ribbon, wrap it around the card and tie it in a bow. Hang a decorative brad on it and try centering the bow to the middle of the card.

5. The invitation card is almost ready, and it’s time for creating the opposite side for your card. Take a printable thick paper and print the text for your guests on it. This paper should be the same size as the paper on the second layer on your front side. Glue it above the ribbon on the opposite side. Add some beads, and here you go – the card is ready!

Handmade Wedding invitations

Looks nice, right? 😍
Don’t be shy, play around with different papers and colored ribbons. Different combinations of paper, ribbons and stamps is what makes your card really unique!

ideas for wedding invitations

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