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Fantastic Felted Animals by Shima Fiber Art


Enjoy these fantastic but realistic animal figures created by using a felting technique.

Wool felting was known more than 8000 years ago, and nowadays it’s quite a popular art! Indeed, wood felting technique can be used to create various things – cute toys, decorative elements, clothes and accessories. What’s great, all of them are absolutely unique – it’s almost impossible to create two identical crafts! Only natural wool is suitable for felting. There are two well-known felting techniques – wet and dry. They have distinctions in both felting process and tools that are used. We are always interested in presenting you the most attractive and adorable projects, and we are ready to amaze you by one of them right now! ✨

Today we are going to visit Lithuania – a small, but a very beautiful country located on the Baltic sea coast – to meet a talented artist Jelena from Shima Fiber Art. Jelena creates fantastic but quite realistic animal figures by using a felting technique –  mouses, rabbits, dogs, cute rats, birds, and even elephants. All of these felted animal figures are created with care and attention to details, and that’s what makes them look real! If you don’t believe this, just take a look at them bellow! 💗 We fell in love from the first sight with Jelena’s works and would like to learn a little bit more about her art and what really inspires her. Jelena created her first felted animals back in 2010. She had quickly realized that it could be something more than just a hobby, and that’s how she started creating these awesome felted animals for sale.

…the purpose of art is not to produce a product. The purpose of art is to produce thinking…

Since I was a child, I have loved drawing and painting which has helped me to translate my talents to the world of organic wool and felt. My work brings joy to me and those who I have made pet sculptures out of felt for.

Needle felting is the time consuming process but I hope you will agree that the results are more than worth the time. Every part of my creations are meticulously crafted by hand to be as realistic as possible. Each one is original with its own personality and I strive to reflect the individual character of the real animal model.- Jelena says.

Needle felting is the process of felting/tangling one piece of wool to another by using barbed needles. All items are carefully hand-made by Jelena, using only high quality organic wool.

felted animals fiber art

Oh, this cat’s eyes is worth thousand words! 😻 I bet he is sure a real cute chick is standing in the nest in front of him! 🐣 See in official store.

newborn felted chicken fiber art

One more felted chick is ready to make his first steps in this world. 🐥 Let’s wish him a good luck! See in official store.

newborn felted chicken fiber art

This little felted rat is always glad to help you with painting and even gardening. Take your chance! 😃 See in official store.

rat felted animals fiber artrat felted animals fiber art

Oh, I believe you want to treat this lovely little mouse with a piece of cheese! 🐭
See in official store.

mouse felted animals fiber art

This needle felted parakeet is not the one to have a nice birdy chat with, but, well, it could be a good decoration for a living room. See in official store.

felted animals fiber art
parrot felted animals

This white rabbit escaped straight from the Alice in Wonderland fairy tale to become a perfect present for all Alices around the world! See in official store.

rabbit felted animals fiber art

By the way, realistic miniature dog or cat sculptures can be created from your pet photos, making them an individual and custom order. 🐾 See in official store.

dog felted retriver fiber art
dog felted retriver fiber art

This dog sculpture has bendable legs and tail, so it can be gently positioned. Custom colors, shapes and kinds are available on request.See in official store.

dog felted haund fiber art

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