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Handmade Wedding Ring Holder


The exchange of  Wedding rings is perhaps the most tender part of your ceremony. 💍 And it is very important not to forget about your Wedding ring holder while you are preparing for the ceremony. Every detail matters, even if it’s just a Wedding ring holder. Ring holder style depends on the overall style of your Wedding decorations, materials and colors. So, it’s up to you! Here you can discover one simple but quite interesting idea of creating Handmade Wedding Ring Holder styled with a decorative flower. 😍

The main colors of the Wedding event are gold, pink and white, so I picked the same color combination for the wedding ring holder. There are no rules, and of course, you can choose whatever combination you prefer.


– Round cardboard box. Like this one round cardboard box
– Synthetic fabric with lycra abt. 30×30 cm. (12″ x 12″)
– Wide (rose and white) satin ribbons.
– Narrow (gold and white) satin ribbons.
– Lace ribbon.

– Sticky beads.
– Artificial flower stamens.
– Thread and needle.
– Glue and scissors.


Creation of this ring holder is easier than you may think, and it looks fantastic as well! Let’s make one!
First of all, you need to sew a decorative flower by using wide ribbons, and add an artificial flower stamens. Take your cardboard box and gently wrap a synthetic fabric around it. Hide fabric ends inside the box. Next, just put the decorative flower in you box and fixate it with a glue. The ring holder is almost ready, and now it’s time to decorate it a bit. So, let’s wrap and fixate two narrow ribbons around the box as you like and feel it. Fixate a lace ribbon with glue as well. As the final step just add sticky beads.

Hurray, your handmade Wedding ring holder is ready! This charming detail will definitely top off your wedding day. After using this ring holder on your wedding day, it’s quite a good idea to remove the flower and use the box as a keepsake box.💗

idea for wedding ring holder handmade

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