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Incredible Hand Bound Books by Nant Designs


Today we are going to show you the most incredible and unique art you have ever seen! This art is called Bookbinding. Generally, the process of binding represents the creation of the book – you create literally everything, starting from book pages to the designed cover. What’s important, hand bookbinding lets the artist express all the professional skills and creativity at the same time. ❤️ Bookbinding artists are the ones who create absolutely unique and individual books, journals, note books, albums or diaries. If you are searching for an exclusive and memorable gift –  search no more! Hand bound book is what you need to impress your friends, family or significant other! 🎁 Let’s meet Carole – a painter, print-maker and book binding artist from Nant Designs. Let’s take a look at her amazing works and learn more about hand bookbinding and book designs.

Carole started making books for herself only by using ‘trial prints’ as covers, but she never had enough. So, she started printing papers specifically for the purpose. This soon grew into making books for friends and only then she started to sell her handcrafted books.

Carole is not only good at crafting, but also at teaching – she has her own creative workshops, where she teaches bookbinding. Believe me, these courses will unlock your full creative potential. Detailed information about bookbinding workshops is available here and here.

Hand Bound Books

“A good work book is an essential tool in any makers workbox- why not treat yourself, or a friend, to one as perfect on the outside as the  drawings inside. Each one is individually made with hard backs and hand-stitched signatures of plain or lined paper. The  covers are from my own hand-pulled,  silkscreen printed papers in a wide variety of colours and original designs.

Every book is completely handcrafted – I start with just paper, card and a large pot of glue.” – Carole says.


“Sketchbooks, notebooks and journals come in a range of shapes and sizes- choose the one that fits your purpose- landscape books for drawing en plain air in watercolour or dry media or a small square one to fit in a pocket or rucksack. I reinforce the corners and spine with a matching bookcloth to strengthen points of wear. Many of my designs feature the local birds from where I live – puffins, gulls and kites as well as the local landscape.
See in official store.


Flexible coptic binding allows a book  to lie absolutely flat on the table- the looser stitching makes it an ideal choice for an album or scrapbook. See in official store.

Coptic binding book

Memory Books use a coptic binding and hold a series of envelopes in which to collect treasured memories- love letters, photographs, a lock of hair or a menu from a special meal as well as blank pages on which to write or draw. See in official store.

Memory Books

Open spine binding creates a beautiful finish to a book, combining strength with pattern and colour,  on a volume that you will want to treasure. See in official store.

Open spine binding

Concertina books are a great place to start bookbinding- this simple, fully illustrated book gives a simple method to make a perfect concertina fold and wrap covers with perfect corners. Cover your book with a unique piece of paper- print your own or choose from one of these- all handprinted in my little studio, using 1-4 colours on each sheet. Each transparent colour is printed separately creating more colours and combinations as they mix on the paper.”– Carole says. See in official store.

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