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Scrapbooking DIY Tutorial: Tealight Gift Box by Cosebelle Di Stefy


See a Tealight Gift Box scrapbooking tutorial inside.

Christmas is the best time to make handmade presents for your friends and family. Even, if your gift is just tealights, you can easily make it look expensive and special by just adding some decoration and personal touch! We are glad to share a “Tealight Gift Box” scrapbooking tutorial with you today. You will discover how to make a unique tealight holder box by using a scrapbooking technique to surprise someone this Christmas! An Italian creative artist Stefania from Cosebelle Di Stefy provided us with this simple, but quite useful tutorial. Stefania creates wonderful decorations, greeting cards, different boxes and holders by using scrapbooking techniques, and you will be definitely amazed by her works on Etsy and Facebook. We just want to thank her for this tutorial and wish Cosebelle Di Stefy many more creative projects next year! 🎅 Let’s see what you need to start making your own tealight gift box.


– Thick cardboard.
– Scrapbooking paper.
– 4 Tealights.
– Stamps/dies
– Glue.
– Double-sided tape.
– Cutting machine.
– Envelope punch board.

DIY tealight holder scrapbooking


1. First of all we have to create the base of the card. So, from the thick cardboard, we have to cut a rectangle of 10¼ by 4¾. Score and fold at 4¾ and 5½.

2. To decorate the external, cut two squares of 45/8 by 45/8 and one rectangle of 5/8 by 45/8. Glue these pieces on the external of the card using the double-sided tape.

3. To decorate the internal, cut two squares of 45/8 by 45/8 and glue on the internal of the card.

4. At this point we have to create the tea light box and to do that I usually use the envelope punch board. So, cut a paper square of 6¼ by 6¼ and punch and score at 25/8 by 35/8. Assemble the box, insert the tealights and glue the box on the right side of the internal of the card. Before glueing the box on the card, please remember to leave the upper part of the box open to be able to take out the tealights.

5. The tealight holder card is almost ready. Now you have to decorate it with stamps, dies or decorative elements.

DIY tealight holder scrap booking

This “Tealight Gift Box” scrapbooking DIY tutorial is created specially for by Cosebelle Di Stefy.

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