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Stencils for Halloween Pumpkin Carving


Take these 11 stencils for pumpkin carving absolutely for free!
Stencils for pumpkin carving

Just a few days left ’till Halloween, and it’s the best time to start decorating your house. So, if you are looking for Halloween pumpkin carving ideas, here is all you need! You can take these 11 stencils absolutely for free and start the pumpkin carving process right away. Pumpkin carving is not that hard, even if you are a beginner, so just print out the stencils, cut them and apply to your pumpkin! Here you will find few of them to choose from – cat or hat silhouette, spooks or Jack Skellington smile, and many more. Have an awesome and spooky Halloween! 🎃 Download stencilspumpkin carving stencils download

Download stencils

Download 11 free stencils for pumpkin carving .pdf


While you are fascinated by actual pumpkin carving process, offer your children to carve a virtual pumpkin! Enjoy this virtual pumpkin carving game. Click and drag over the pumpkin to carve out holes!
Pumpkin carving game

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 pumpkin carving game for children

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