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The World of Miniature Needle Felted Animals by Mazulisnifs


See photos and examples of needle felted wool animals, and learn a story behind them.

Here we are, with the warmest greetings and a lot of new interesting stories for you in the New Year! We would like to begin this year with something warm and cute, that can make you smile and feel a little bit happier this winter.💖 This story is about wonderful tiny needle felted wool animals and their creator – Latvian designer and artist Aija fromMazulisnifs. So, let’s feel a touch of Latvia, look closer at Aija’s works and learn what inspires her!

Aija’s crafts story begins at her childhood with love to sewing, knitting and crocheting. Once she had found out about needle felting technique from her daughter, really enjoyed it and decided to give it a try! A purple Snap was the first felted toy that Aija created in 2009 and after that she started practicing needle felting on a daily basis. The idea of making miniature animals came from a wish to create memorable gifts, so Aija began making miniature wool sculptures inspired by Teddy bear from Mr. Bean series.🐻

Aija prefers to work with a sheep wool and a special very thin needle. Needle felting requires a lot of patience from artist to make a realistic miniature sculptures. But we are sure some kind of magic should be added to a working process to finally make those wool felted animals look so cute and alive. Needle felting is an absolutely fantastic process – see how it looks below.

needle felting process

Materials are easy to find, but the difficult part is to use your imagination to make sculptures feel alive. Each of the miniatures has its own characteristics. I make some toys similar, but when they stand together each of them has a unique appearance, because they all are made by hands. – Aija says.

By the 2012 Aija’s favorite hobby became her work and she had opened Mazulisnifs online store to help her tiny sculptures find a new home. That’s how we discovered Aija’s works and are happy to share them with you!

We are sure this 5 cm tall (1,9”) tiny wool bear could perfectly fit all Teddy bear lover’s collection. 🐻❤️ See in official store.

needle felted wool animals bear

Not all elephants are destined to grow up huge, some of them remain small but cute! 🐘 See in official store.

needle felted wool animals elephant

Did you know, needle felted mini koalas are not sleeping at all?! 🐨See in official store.

needle felted wool animals bear koala

Ideal for those who dream to get a fox as a “pet”. 🦊 See in official store.

needle felted wool animals fox

Adorable miniature needle felted dog for all Jack Russel lovers. 🐶 See in official store.

needle felted wool animals dog

Seems this cute puppy will wag his tail the next moment 🐶💕See in official store.

needle felted wool animals dog

A tiny giraffe came here from the fairy miniature world to make you like him so much.❤️ See in official store.

needle felted wool animals giraffe

This Moomin Sniff looks like a real cartoon star who is ready to play a role in the next movie!⭐ See in official store.

needle felted wool animals fox

A tiny hamster is definitely keeping some treats in his small paws, but he’s not sharing it with anyone.😁🐹See in official store.

needle felted wool animals hamster


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