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Woodcraft by Spirit of the Forest


Enjoy an interview with a Latvian artist who had turned his wood-crafting hobby to work and keep moving in this direction.

Today we are going to invite you to take a journey to a very specific but unique and quite popular world of woodcraft. Woodcraft is probably one of the most ancient arts and crafts, as the wood is something easy to find and it is perfect material for building and crafting different things – from jewelry and tableware to furniture, weapons and much more.

Woodcraft has evolved a lot since ancient ages, but it’s still a very popular craft, because things made of wood are usually 99% handmade, made with love and passion. It’s definitely something that will last long enough to bring you joy every day.

Our story is about a Latvian artist who had turned his woodcrafting hobby to work and keep moving in this direction. Let’s meet Kirill, an owner and a head craftsman atSpirit Of The Forest(also known as Woolupen). Spirit Of The Forest is Kirill’s author project started in 2016. We are more than happy to share an interview with him, tell more about his path, and of course let you discover his amazing works. Read below, enjoy, and have an awesome day!


woodcraft pens clocks boxes

Spirit Of The Forest production at the traditional farmer and crafts Kalnciema Street Market on the open air – “Kalnciema Quarter”

We eager to know why you enjoy woodcraft, how you got your skills and started to practice it, what inspired you?

– I liked different small wood, glass and stone crafts since I was a kid. Why exactly small, you may ask? Well, because a production of them requires a very scrupulous creation process. I really enjoyed this craft and wanted to learn more  about wood processing. I started to practice it with the help and advice from my relatives and friends, and in the end woodcraft became my hobby.

Though my life took another direction, and I got a Master’s degree in chemistry and started my career, but then I realized that my passion to woodcraft means more than just a hobby to me. I had a lot of interesting ideas of things I want to create, that’s why I needed to spend more time for this activity. As you can see now my work is associated with a woodcraft and I have my ownSpirit Of The Forestproject. 

Inspiration comes to me with a positive emotions and a good mood. Creative ideas can come whenever, no matter where I am and what I do at this moment. 

woodcraft wooden pen spirit of the forest onemorecraft

(left) Pen made of 3 different kinds of wood and a resin. (right) Wooden pens made of apple tree.

What products you generally make? Pens, wall clocks, jewelry boxes, what else?

– Talking about regular work, most of the time I spend creating unique and qualitative wood ball-pens and wall clocks. As for me, it’s possible to use wood to create anything you like and want. People have different ideas and preferences. It’s important to always move forward, do more and do better! 

When I have spare time I think of new ideas, experiment with different kinds of wood, processing methods, grinding, etc. I have already mastered a wood filling technique by using an epoxy resin, but here are few problems with a resin shipping to Latvia and it costs quite a lot. I believe I will be able to solve this problem somehow, so I can offer even more wide range of service to my customers.


woodcraft wall clock

(left) Unique wall clock “Cat Silhouette”. (right) Wall clock for nursery.

Tell us about materials, kinds of wood and special tools you prefer to use? 

– I was working with a birch from the beginning. Birch has a flat surface, it’s perfect for grinding, wood-burning and processing. Then I started to practice my skills with a different kinds of wood such an oak, aspen, ash tree and others. Of course I had some fails, but I didn’t want to give up. I used to go on and practice a lot with all my passion and persistence! Finally, I understood that every kind of wood needs a special treatment and a technique. It’s important to use only well-sharpened tools.

Now I can combine different kinds of wood to create a single craft. Usually I think through how to combine different kinds of wood before I begin. For example, I used 3 kinds of wood to create a wall clock and I was absolutely satisfied with the result! 

Where do you usually work? 

– I have a room where I work, but some equipment for noisy processes is placed in my garage. Actually I have a plan to move to my own workshop next year. 


woodcraft working process

Wood processing.

Describe your working process. Do you make any sketches? How much time does it take to create a piece of craft?

– I used to make sketches and drawings for the most complex works from the beginning. It helped me to regularize and optimize my working process. But now I’m able to manage my work from the beginning to the end according to my own well-known plan without any papers! However all projects I make have absolutely unique design. This fact makes me proud of myself! 

Here I can name few stages of the process: gluing, grinding, staining and lacquering. So, talking about time, it depends on the complexity of a project. In case I have all the necessary materials, it takes me 3-4 working days to make something from A to Z.

What was the most unusual and memorable project you have ever made?

– I can recall one interesting project for a company which sells heating granules. They needed a wall clock. The purpose of that project was to make company’s clients understand what the company offers by just having a look at this clock. I came up with a great idea in just an hour and started to work! I created a huge 1 x 1 m (40 x 40”) clock of acrylic glass and veneer materials with 3 clockworks inside. What’s amazing, there was a special place in the middle of the clock, which was filled with heating granules as a decoration. The result was fantastic – they placed this unique clock in their headquarters! 


woodcraft boxes

(left) Wooden pencil-case. (right) Wooden wedding ring holder.

What are your interests now, are there any specific techniques you would like to master?

– Yes, I always move on and wish to learn something new. Talking about wood crafts, here are few interesting wood processing techniques I would like to learn. One of them is called marquetry. You need a lot of patience to get skills and become a real master at marquetry. Fortunately, I have an opportunity to learn more about this technique and practice it. 

Looking into future, I can honestly say it would be nice to cooperate with glass-blowers, blacksmiths, stonemasons and jewelers – these are the people who think that what they do is more than just a work. I’m sure we can create incredible projects together! Although, I don’t mind to gain some glass-blowers skills myself. 

Would you like to popularize and promote woodcraft somehow? 

– Well, I think it is not so easy to popularize woodcraft, despite of  the availability of all the materials and tools nowadays. Back in the days I had my own YouTube channel, but I’m not sure I have enough time for it now. I promise to think about it and probably try once again.


woodcraft wooden pen spirit of the forest onemorecraft

(left) Wooden pens made of aspen tree. (right) Pen made of 3 different kinds of wood, with a zodiac ornament.

One More Craft wants to thank Kirill and Spirit Of The Forest for this interview and wishes him a lot of creative ideas and success. We will follow him and will definitely keep an eye on his upcoming projects! You can find more products or contact the author onOfficial PageorInstagram.

woodcraft pens

An unique wood pen by “Spirit Of The Forest”



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