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Woolen Christmas Decorations by Cosebelle Di Stefy


Christmas time is coming, and we keep providing you with house decoration ideas!

Christmas time is coming, and we keep providing you with house decoration ideas! We are always surprised by imagination of craft-artist and their work techniques. 😍 Actually, they can turn almost every material into fantastic craft project by using nothing more than hands, scissors and some glue. Sound like a magic! For example, what you will get by combining a natural wool, cinnamon and a burlap ribbon? The right answer is – amazing Christmas decorations and lovely gifts! See the proofs below. ❤️ We are going to visit an Italian artist Stefania from Cosebelle Di Stefy to enjoy her bellissime creazioni – awesome handmade Christmas decorations. Stefania’s real passion is needlework and scrapbooking projects. So, let’s have a look at her works!

These small rural Christmas trees are made of natural wool felt (not synthetic). They definitely remind of a small cozy country house with its special warm atmosphere. These woolen Christmas trees can become a wonderful and unique Christmas decoration or even a gift. You will be amazed by pleasant cinnamon scent as well. See in official store.

christmas decorationschristmas tree decorations

Cute Country House hangers are great for Christmas tree or door decoration. They are also made of natural wool felt as the trees above. See in official store.

christmas tree decorations

These wonderful woolen hangers are made with love to add the Christmas mood to our life. See in official store.

christmas tree decorations

It’s important to decorate the front door of your house. The best decorative element to use is a festive handmade Christmas wreath like one below! These woolen little houses make a cozy atmosphere. See in official store.

handmade christmas wreath

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